Secret View Point

Nay Aug Park is a hidden gem tucked away in the city of Scranton. This particular park sits across from one of the hospitals in Northeastern PA.  At first glance an ordinary onlooker, may not be interested in giving  Nay Aug a second glance. It seems sparse and run down, especially when you round the corner to the public pool that may or may not be opening this summer.  Despite its flaws, it has become some what of a theme in my life, that every time I set foot on the trails at this park, I am perpetually reminded of how much I take the area I live in for granted.

I chose to write a brief travel story about the walking trails at Nay Aug Park to gain some practice before my trip to Ireland and also because  it is one of my favorite spots in Scranton. After a quick move to Florida last year, Nay Aug Park was one of the first places I visited upon my arrival back to the area. It was Nay Aug Park that reassured me that my decision to move back to Northeastern Pennsylvania was the right one.

The trail carries a scent of spring, a scent that can be associated with happiness to many northerners. To put this scent into words, it is an earthy smells that lets you know the trees are still around. The trail is carved in small paths that are covered in dirt and gravel. The types of trail that leaves a crunch behind with every step just to let me know the rustic nature of the surroundings. Each path is bordered by large trees; when I look up I am reminded of how small I am in comparison to this huge earth.

Towards the end of the trail, I begin to hear loud noises of gushing water until I get close enough to see the waterfall chiseled into the picturesque landscape ahead of me. It flows into a pit of water that’s color can be described as  majestic during a bright spring day. It is a blue(ish)- green that reminded me of some sort of crystal.

The waterfall is marked off by a wooden fence that is too easily disregarded by adventurers and cliff-jumpers. I however like to go beyond the fence to stand on the rocks not far above the start of the waterfall. To a spot where I can collect for a moment, and watch this beautiful piece of nature from a different view than what others see.

photo 1 (1)

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