Tips for Travel Writing 3

Travel Writing Tips gathered from L. Peat O’Neil’s, Travel Writing — Chapter 4

1. “Travel articles have the double role of conveying hard facts and transporting readers through vigorous description”

2. “You’ll need to arm yourself with action words that express reality as you experienced it; words that also engage the passive reader who wasn’t along for the excitement. Compile a list of verbs that express energy, activity, smell, taste, and sound.”

3. “Showing the story involves using active voice and verbs that show activity rather than what you think about the activities.”

4. Ways to be descriptive when writings: Establish size, comparisons, and linking events in your story to establish an era.

5. “In the lead of a feature travel article, it’s important to intrigue readers and bring them into the substance of the article that follows.”

6. “The first two or three paragraphs after the lead frame, the goal is to get the reader to see and experience the same place you, the traveler and writer, have been.

7. “Strive for a voice, a narrative that includes yourself and your observation without relying on the pronouns “I, my, we,” which can distance the reader


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