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I have a particularly busy mind. It has been said, that the quietest people have the loudest minds, and I for one am always fiddling some thought around in my head. Oddly enough when I am around water my mind is hushed for just a brief moment in time.

“The waves create constant audio as they crash down on the water, while the seagulls compete with their loud calls. Together both sounds mask the arcade games that echo from the distance.”

Through the making of a small blog collage, I collected previous quotes from my past posts and recognized a theme among them.  This theme is that several of my writings have been about water and It seems as though my quotes about water, generally have more descriptive qualities.

It flows into a pit of water that’s color can be described as majestic during a bright spring day. It is a blue(ish)- green that reminds me of some sort of crystal.

At certain times my thoughts are too loud to really indulge in my surroundings in a way that would let me articulate them through writing. I am finding through this pattern that perhaps being around water helps me be in the moment.

“The waterfall is marked off by a wooden fence that is too easily disregarded by adventurers and cliff-jumpers. I however like to go beyond the fence to stand on the rocks not far above the start of the waterfall. To a spot where I can collect for a moment, and watch this beautiful piece of nature from a different view than what others see.”

I am really interested in astrology and my zodiac sign is Cancer, which is ironically a water sign.  It makes sense why I am so drawn to water, and how most of my posts describe it as such a beautiful phenomena. Unlike someone who may be afraid of the ocean, I write about putting my complete trust in it.

“I like to swim out past the waves and float on my back as the little mounds that turn into waves run up and down my body.”

Though the Cancer horoscope has trouble living in the moment. We are often either projecting into the future or dwelling in the past. Focusing on the details of the here and now,  can be a challenge for me at times.

“I stand to walk along the river and notice the small ripples that propel the gravel by the edge of the walk way. It is fascinating how the stream goes from being so fierce, to so calm in a matter of inches.”

So what is the moral of my story you ask?  Though it would likely suit me well, to find a body of water to write about for every travel piece, that is not realistic. So maybe my lesson is to imagine the sound of the ocean to drown out the busyness of my mind when it is time to take in my surroundings, to ensure a more optimal perspective throughout my travels.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



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