My Goodness My Guinness


One of favorite parts of my trip to Dublin was visiting the Guinness factory. I am not totally sure why I was so excited to go, because by no means am I an avid beer drinker.  I would say most of my excitement stemmed from being able to rub in this ‘once in a life time’ experience to the Guinness lover at home, who didn’t get the chance to go. Kind of sick, right?

Just to make myself sound better, I also think it is interesting how popular Guinness is in Ireland and how much the company has done for the economy and those living in the area (so lets pretend that was the real reason I was excited to go).

You can see the factory and all its equipment as you drive into the city but the interior is really neat. It is designed like a large pint glass, so every floor is circular.  There are 7 floors, and most of which describe the process of making Guinness or the history of the beer.


We visited the factory on our second to last day of traveling so at that point we were already rich in Irish history and in great need of a pint before listening to anything more. So we started the tour at the 4th floor where we learned how to pour the perfect pint.

I found this part really fun, pouring a Guinness is very scientific and requires some knowledge in order to get it tasting just right. You each get to pour your own, and then you get a certificate to show off your mad new skill.


We were instructed to say 'Slainte' in this picture--the Irish word for cheers. So that explains my facial expression.

We were instructed to say ‘Slainte’ in this picture–the Irish word for cheers. So that explains my facial expression.

You can travel around the factory with your complementary pint. I was anxious to try Guinness because prior to that day I had heard it tasted like a wet dog. I don’t know what a wet dog tastes like but I wouldn’t mind going my whole life not knowing.


However, when in Ireland you do as the Irish do, so I gulped down a few swigs. I’ll admit the first few were not terrible but as the foam went down the beer got more and more bitter and I eventually gave up.

While I choked down some more of my pint we made our way up to the 7th floor which is the sky top bar. If you don’t pour your own pint you can get one there. The whole floor is windows that showcase the entire city of Dublin.


I hope you were interested in going to the Guinness factory before reading about the sky top bar but if you weren’t the view is definitely enough of a reason to go. It is really spectacular and an awesome thing to see while you are there.

All in all I’d give this experience a 4 ½ out of 5 stars, only because I can’t give all five without seeing every floor. I really enjoyed my time there; it was a relaxing way to experience some of what makes Ireland, well Ireland.


If you’d like a second opinion, here is what Conan thought…

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