Motor kayaking is not for the faint of heart

I peer off of the dock built of stone slabs behind the hotel we are staying in.  The water that brushes against the edge is considered the bay from what I have heard. The tide pulls in at various times throughout the day to expose the muddy, algae filled bottom.  The water is currently high in my opinion and little waves ripple up towards the back of the hotel. It is soothing from this standpoint but the channel that leads the little waves in is guarded on both sides by wooded mountains. Through the passage way, I would guess that the flow of the water becomes fiercer.

A man hands me and four other brave souls baggy blue pants, a matching fisherman type coat, and a life jacket to wear over it.  Maybe it’s just me, but any activity that requires a life-jacket is always a little nerve-racking at first.

(Oh, here is a flotation device in case you get stranded in the middle of the ocean and are unable to swim to safety… but you’ll be fine!)

If you’ve been following along with this blog, it is no secret that I tend to be a bit of a scaredy cat. I mean I almost cried on a plane. However the next turn of events before embarking any further on this expedition would have frightened a regular average Joe, I am sure of it.

It went like this….

Professor: “Do we pay now or afterwards?”

Kayak instructor: “After. If you don’t come back it’s free.”


To make matters worse following this remark, the instructor then asked the young man preparing the kayaks if he was comfortable enough to take our group out for the first time. He turns to us all and says, “he’s still training.”

Splendid! Let the trainee take the girl who cried on a plane out for a ride in a foreign country in rough waters.

We were each situated in kayaks one at a time and sent out to test the waters…literally.

The first girl from our group hops in her kayak and the instructor starts it like a lawn mower. He pulls a chain and revs it up. Very briefly does he describe the steering process and she takes off like a witch on a broom stick circling throughout the water while cackling with delight.

I am the next one to go out but I am not nearly as daring. Although I wish I was, I envy her fearless spirit and know it’ll benefit her.

Once we are all situated we set out behind the boat. It creates a ‘V’ shape in the water with waves where we each follow to ensure a smooth ride and stay on course. I am instantly in love, which I knew I would be that’s why I wouldn’t let myself back out. The wind pushes my face into a permanent smile as my hair whips behind me.

The views are so hard to explain or even illustrate with pictures to show how magical they really were. Every angle has more beauty than the next.

We sat smack dab in the middle of this huge body of water with monstrous mountains in every point of view. The weather is slightly dark and cloudy, and the air is cool but my blue waterproof grab protects me from the temperatures.

The salt water splashes my face and leaves a salty covering, a covering that always makes me feel happy. As we continue further the water seems to get deeper and deeper but I am not scared I am excited. We wind around buoys placed along the kayak course and to my left there are two large rock walls that create a trench of the water we are sailing in below.

For a moment I stop and take a deep breath in and out, something I’ve been trying to do a lot of throughout this journey, in order to instill a mental snapshot of this experience in my head.

motor kayak1


motor kayaking2

motor kayaking3

Sneem, Ireland